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books i've read since november 2011

in november 2011, i made it my goal to read
 25 books in my 25th year of life.   
i am at a half-way point.

1.  the marriage plot by jeffrey eugenides

2.  an object of beauty by steve martin

3.  museum of the weird by amelia gray

4.  brave new world by aldous huxley

5.  the hunger games by suzanne collins

6 & 7.  persepolis 1 & 2  by marjane satrapi

8.  chicken with plums by marjane satrapi

9.  embroideries by marjane satrapi

10.  it chooses you by miranda july

11.  learning to love you more by harrel fletcher and miranda july

12.  junius maltby - john steinbeck

13.  black hole by charles burns

14.  the sigh by marjane satrapi

15.  the heart is a lonely hunter by carson mccullers

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