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the sub-title of this year's mix is a translated line from wagner's ring cycle. the story goes as such: siegmund and sieglinde have always felt odd, as if part of their self is missing. when they find each other, they instantly fall in love, and siegmund utters, "you are the image i have hidden in myself." turns out, though, they are TWINS. so, tragedy.

happy new year everyone.

modern romance 2011:
"you are the image i have hidden in myself"
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01. beginners soundtrack - beginners theme suite

02. jens lekman - and i remember every kiss

03. martha reeves and the vandellas - (love is like a) heatwave

04. the beach boys - you're so good to me

05. belle & sebastian - lazy line painter jane

06. cat power - good woman

07. feist - lonely lonely (live)

08. neko case - things that scare me

09. andrew bird - how you gonna keep 'em down on the farm

10. okkervil river - get big

11. modest mouse - little motel

12. the national - fake empire

13. bishop allen - flight 180

14. the long winters - commander thinks aloud (live)

15. ellie greenwich - you don't know

16. feist - secret heart (live)

17. yeah yeah yeahs - maps

18. yo la tengo - take care

19. the smiths - asleep

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