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mend piece

hello friends!
i have started a new project that i would like to share with you because it needs participation!

do you have items that need mending? i would like to help you. if you don't mind a "home mend" (less professional than a "professional mend"), please contact me with the item and details of the mend-in-need. i will do my best to make a lovely mend.

a few weeks ago, my friend cayla shared this instruction from yoko ono: “Mend an object. As you mend, you mend something inside your soul as well. You mend something in the world as well.” i quite enjoy mending- it shows a well-loved item is one worth saving (loving more). mending for oneself, although satisfying, is not really communicating with others. doing another’s mending, however, is sharing action in which i would like to participate.

my email address is, but you may choose to contact me via your preferred method of exchange.

i would like to help out friends-of-friends or strangers. if you know of someone who has a large to-do mend pile, please let them know about this project. if you see a stranger who needs a mend and appears they would not be offended if you suggested it, give them my contact information.

thank you!
elodie freeman

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