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d o n ' t d o i t

it's a terrible
idea to ride a bike
on your period.


becky said...

Ah, yes, yes it is a bad idea, I also found that out last month.

It's also a very bad idea to ride a bike wearing a 50s knee length dress along with stockings and suspenders. As I found out yesterday when I tried to gracefully hop off said bike, and found myself stuck with suspender somehow wrapped around the metal part of my seat. Que lots of hopping on one leg and trying to unhook it from stocking at back of other leg in order to free self, with full skirt blowing up a la a mushroom! Ooops!

Not quite as graceful as I'd planned! xx

PS: I really enjoy your blog, it's a lovely read.

the ghost factory said...

thanks for your kind words.
i often fall off my bike
in front of traffic.

Anna said...

I hated when I figured that golden piece of truth out.

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