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summer of freedom 2009: a mix of 25 songs in 7 movements
*note* all links in purple are direct to .mp3

first movement: declaration (00:36)

second movement: freedom (18:04)
+ yeah yeah yeahs - date with the night
+ sleater kinney - one beat
+ the fiery furnaces - tropical iceland
+ caviar - tangerine speedo
+ math the band - tour de friends
+ rivers cuomo - blast off!

third movement: transition (07:40)
+ modest mouse - novocain stain
+ brian eno - deep blue day

fourth movement: heartbreak (10:27)
+ better than ezra - desperately wanting
+ of montreal - feminine effects
+ broken social scene - pitter patter goes my heart
+ the hold steady - first night

fifth movement: redemption (15:19)
+ the zombies - work 'n' play
+ april march - chick habit
+ the eames era - talk talk
+ bishop allen - tiger, tiger

sixth movement: freedom reprise (14:01)
+ pixies - dig for fire
+ nana grizol - circles 'round the moon
+ a drum and an open window - just do it
+ port o'brien - i woke up today
+ the wave pictures - one line at a time

seventh movement: goodbye (13:33)
+ the billionaires - the end of summer song
+ the boggs - holiday
+ ozma - gameover
+ regina spektor - ne me quitte pas

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