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y o u t h o l o g y

01 up up down down left right left right ba start - please come to me
02 andrew bird - fake palindromes
03 feist - sea lion woman
04 the orion experience - adrianne
05 charles trénet - boum!
06 nightbeast - jungle first date
07 mgmt - handshake
08 metric - dr. blind
09 belle & sebastian - winter wooskie
10 the long winters - the commander thinks aloud
11 sealove - the sea ballad
12 kevin drew - tbtf
13 tullycraft - the girl who's above us
14 rilo kiley - with arms outstretched
15 camera obscura - i need all the friends i can get
16 casey shea - chop suey
17 mobius band - friends like these
18 georgie james - cake parade
19 soko - i'll kill her
20 kimya dawson - loose lips
21 of montreal - tim i wish you were born a girl
22 jens lekman - postcard to nina
23 the national - murder me rachael
24 freezepop - he says she says

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